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Since 1998, The Shaken Baby Alliance has provided valuable forensic investigative training programs for professionals including law enforcement, child protection, medical practitioners, and legal professionals related to child welfare issues. In 2012, based on the success of the forensic child abuse investigation program, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services asked The Shaken Baby Alliance to develop an Advanced Forensic Investigation Training program related to crimes against the elderly and persons with disabilities. Due to the success of the elder abuse forensic investigation program we were then asked to develop a training related to the Mental Health and Physical Conditions in the Elderly.


The multidisciplinary (MDT) advanced forensic investigative training provided by The Shaken Baby Alliance enhance local MDT capabilities, builds community collaboration, and aids in the identification and development of resources for professionals.  Developing an MDT training and collaboration platform to strengthen and develop the community response to the assessment and investigation of suspected cases of child abuse, child fatalities, and child neglect, is vital to successful legal outcomes in child abuse cases. 


An evidence-based curriculum, updated and reviewed yearly, is utilized by a faculty including medical providers, law enforcement, educators, and consultants who are recognized as state and national experts in the field of forensics.  All faculty actively work cases of child abuse/neglect and child deaths.  This ensures our faculty are utilizing and learning from current challenges and teaching current forensic practices.  Sample training modules are (*= required): 


1) Medical Aspects of Child Abuse*

2) Infant Deaths:  What the First Responder Needs to Know

3) Abusive Head Trauma Cases:  The Critical Importance of the First Responder

4) SIDS/Infant Death:  Risk Reduction Practices 

5) Child Maltreatment of Children with Disabilities

6) Forensic Investigative Techniques:  The 12 Elements of the Successful Forensic Investigation©* 

7) Child Death Cases:  Natural/Accidental Death vs. Homicide 

8) Forensic Pathology of Child Physical Abuse  

9) Interviews in Child Physical Abuse – Details, Dos, & Don’ts 

10) Timeline Development – Using Visuals to Tell the Story*

11) Building the Strong Legal Case:  The Devil is in the Details 

12) The WHOLE Truth About Abusive Head Trauma  (Presented by Rob Parrish, J.D.)

13) Medical Child Abuse (Presented by Inv. Mike Weber)

14) Tools You Can Use:  Resources for the MDT*


Attendees leave with a strong foundation of the medical aspects in child abuse including mechanism of injury, timing of injuries, and the ability to compare the history with the injury.  Participants receive instruction on how to utilize the 12 Elements of the Successful Forensic Investigation©.  Through a block of instruction entitled Tools You Can Use:  Resources for the MDT, communities will be able to better leverage existing resources to develop strong legal cases.  Community collaboration is built by the MDT and other community stakeholders planning the training modules, attending the training together, and hosting a team building opportunity during or near the training date.


We train nationally and internationally and we will gladly work with your team to obtain appropriate continuing education credits.  For references or additional information about our training program, please fill out the information at this link, email, or call  817-882-8686. We look forward to hearing from you!


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