Joseph Woodard

Joseph Woodard entered Federal service in 1968 as a U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) auditor/evaluator. Following an interlude of service with the U.S. Army he returned to GAO in as a Congressional auditor/program evaluator. In 1978 Joseph transferred to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/Social Security Administration where he worked in the AFDC program, including the AFDC foster care program. Upon passage of Public Law 96-272 and creation of the title IV-E program he followed the foster care program and upon his retirement from Federal service in 2008 was one of the longest tenured Federal staff with title IV-E experience throughout the history of the program. He is now an independent consultant.

During his tenure representing the Federal program agencies he was involved in a number of special initiatives, including ‘child welfare managed care’ and worked closely with the American Bar Association’s National Resource Center on the interface of juvenile justice, child welfare and title IV-E funding in five states. He was involved in several precedent setting Departmental Appeals Board issues and successful resolution of major disallowances and Federal/state cost allocation disputes.

During his tenure with the State of Hawaii he provided the state with nearly 40 years of child welfare experience. Notably he introduced HFLM into Hawaii.

Joseph’s commitment to the child welfare, foster care and juvenile justice systems carries through to his community and volunteerism as he continues to serve as Board Member Emeritus of the Texas CASA Association, remains active as an Advisory Board Member to the national Shaken Baby Alliance and works with HFLM both on the mainland and in Hawaii.

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