On January 28, 1994, standing beside her daughter’s bedside at the Cook Children’s PICU in Fort Worth, Texas, Bonnie Armstrong made a promise to her shaken and beaten daughter, Tiffany.  If she would fight and breathe, Bonnie would make something good come from something so very evil.  Through faith and love, both kept their promises. The Shaken Baby Alliance was born, and Bonnie is now the Executive Director.  Tiffany is 24, and although left with Cortical Visual Impairment, TBI, seizures, and other disabilities, she has volunteered at various animal shelters, attends a community college, and is in Special Olympics and Super Kids basketball.
Bonnie met two other moms whose children were also victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS).  Together they worked to focus on the positive changes they could make from the tragedy they faced. Beginning literally at the kitchen table, these moms were driven by a need to find resources for their children and to help other families.  
Bonnie saw a segment on the TV program 20/20, that featured Rob Parrish, Chief Child Abuse Counsel for Utah Attorney General's Office. Bonnie called Mr. Parrish, and from a three-hour phone call came a plan.   Victim families not only needed resources and support, but professionals involved in child physical abuse cases needed advanced forensic training and technical support (Case Consultation Services) for justice to be served.  The public needed education on how to cope with crying babies to prevent SBS. These needs shaped the three services offered today: Victim Family Services, Professional Support (Training and Case Consultation Services) and Prevention Education.  
In 1998 the Alliance obtained its 501 (c) 3 status. Our mission was developed to provide SUPORT for victim family members and professionals, PREVENTION of child abuse, and JUSTICE for the innocent victims.  Since then, we have provided Victim Family Support services to over 4,800 family members, trained over 16,700 multidisciplinary professionals in forensic investigative techniques, educated over 5,800 students in child abuse prevention, and provided over 1,800 case consultations to investigative and legal personnel.  
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