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The Advanced Techniques in Joint Child Abuse Investigations training is a highly rated, two-day child abuse investigations program that has consistently provided up-to-date training for professionals involved in child abuse and child death cases for over 11 years.  The Shaken Baby Alliance has partnered with leading experts in the field of child abuse, along with agencies throughout the United States to develop outstanding training to meet the needs of professionals.  This training is based on the philosophy that professionals with a strong foundational understanding of the medical aspects of child abuse and forensic investigative techniques will be provided with the tools necessary to investigate cases of child abuse, resulting in successful prosecutions, and protection of our children. 

Target Audience:

  • Law Enforcement
  • CPS and Child Care Licensing
  • First Responders
  • Attorneys & Legal Personnel
  • Social Workers
  • Medical Personnel
  • Child Advocates
  • Professionals involved in child abuse cases

The objective of this program is to give professionals the information needed to understand the mechanism of injury related to physical abuse and understand the importance of the history provided in order to assess information obtained in a case and make solid decisions that will successfully impact the case.  Components of this program and a brief description of each include:

Topics Include:

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – natural death vs. homicide
  • Medical Aspects of Child Abuse – An overview of child abuse including skin injuries (bite marks, bruises, burn injuries), fractures, abdominal injuries, and head injuries.
  • Forensic Investigative Techniques – Utilizing joint investigations, scene investigation & reconstruction, interviewing techniques, record gathering, timeline development, and case preparation to develop strong cases.
  • Photography – Scene & injury photography provides crucial evidence for a child abuse case and provides a visual representation for use at trial.
  • Timeline Development – Timelines provide investigators and legal personnel the ability to present information in a visually interesting, cohesive, and convincing manner.  A case study is used to show how interview, scene investigation, medical, and additional investigative information can be organized to develop a visual timeline of the events.
  • Interview & Interrogation – Specialized and effective approaches to use in interviews and interrogations in child abuse cases.
  • Legal Aspects – How investigators, prosecutors, and other professionals involved in child abuse cases can impact a case from offense to prosecution, including preparing for trial, and tips for testifying.
  • Tools You Can Use!  An overview of the services available from The Shaken Baby Alliance for investigators and attorneys.
  • Continuing education - CEUs & TCLEOSE are provided. 
  • Advanced Techniques In Joint Child Abuse Investigations
Mental Health and Physical Conditions and the APS Population 2013-2014 Training Dates Minimize

October 8-9, 2014        Houston, TX

December 4-5, 2014     San Antonio, TX

February 25-26, 2015   Lufkin, TX


APS employees can register through E-train or their region.

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