Monday, December 22, 2014
Family Support


One minute life is normal, the next, everything is turned upside down. Affected family members tell of experiencing the stages of grief that are typical during loss, the most common of these being denial, and anger. 
When the reality sets in that a child was abused by someone entrusted with their care, anger often follows. Parents of abused children may direct anger at medical personnel, law enforcement, or child protective services - virtually anyone but the person actually responsible for hurting the child. It is also possible that they may go to the other extreme, and find themselves being restrained from violence directed at the perpetrator. 
It is very important during the early days of learning to cope, to have as much support as possible from friends and family members. Parents and family members should ask questions and become actively involved with their child's medical care. It is equally important to have someone to trust, someone in whom they can confide during the roller coaster of emotions they will be feeling. 
Our program serves family members and/or loved ones of survivors and non-survivors and it also provides a broad base of support for professionals involved with cases of child abuse.   Help for families and professionals is just a phone call away. 

Call 1-877-6-END-SBS (in Texas please dial: 1-817-882-8686), or e-mail name and contact information to

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